REGOLATORISpeed controllers


RGE: Electronic controller with stepless speed. To control motor ON/OFF; variable speed and airflow reversibility (if available on the product). RG 10: Electronic controller to regulate the speed of products equipped with EC motors 0-10Voltage at speed controlled. They can be recessed through a dedicated accessory Code 0090500 (on request).



Product versions

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Model Code Suitable for series A B C
Model Code Suitable for series A B C
RGE 0031700 Single phase fans up to 300 W 125 105 52
RG 10 (0-10V) 0031300 AXIA TT ECO - AXIA AI ECO 125 105 52
Recessed wall kit controller 0090500 RGE - RG 10 125 105 52

Further information about the product: Speed controllers - REGINDU

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