TEMPERO 100Aerator with heat recovery


  • Aerator with Energy Recovery up to 70%.
  • Ideal for domestic applications and suitable for single room installation.
  • Wall and/or panel mounting.
  • Ball bearing motor.
  • Heat exchanger in PVC welded plates.
  • Twin centrifugal fan.
  • Polyurethane filters to grant higher protection and long life.
  • Pre-heating system (PH model) consists of a 240 W heating element with thermostat fitted in the inlet duct made of self extinguishing material.
  • Base, Timer and Pre-heated versions.
  • The optional RG 5 controller allows ON/OFF operation and speed control on the base version. The optional RG E PH controller allows ON/OFF functions, working speed and electrical heating element regulation in the PH version.
  • Case and internal components in ABS white material.
  • High performance in terms of energy recovery, consumption, flow rate and sound level.
  • In compliance with Standard EN 60335-2-80.


Tempero 100 is an extractor fan with energy recovery which grants a better and healthier environmental comfort, while moderating the temperature of incoming air in single premises. Furthermore, its action also enables Thermal Energy saving thus avoiding heat waste and thermal loss, and granting economic advantages. Our environments are more and more “sealed”, heated in winter and conditioned in summer. Hence the need of a correct ventilation avoiding the expensive heat waste due to the common practice of opening the windows. Let’s analyse how the “Temperature moderation” takes place: the extracted air crosses the heat exchanger thus transferring thermal energy to the incoming fresh air. During this process, the incoming, temperate air and the outgoing foul air are completely separated. Suitable for wall installation on new or existing Ø100/120mm ducts. The cross flow heat exchanger is made of PVC alveolar overlapped and welded plates and is equipped with two anti-dust filters, easily removable for cleaning operation. It has been equipped with a dedicated condensation drainage hole thus eliminating the build-up of excess condensation. Tempero PH has been designed to run in extreme temperature conditions and, in particular, with external temperature up to -25°C . This is possible thanks to a 240 W pre-heating element fitted in the inlet duct and controlled by a thermostat which enables the functioning with an external temperature up to -5°. When the outside temperature reaches -5°C, the thermostat activates the 240W coil, thus heating the incoming air to about 15-20°, avoiding the freezing of the recovery unit.

    Tempero 100:
    Ideal for continental climates with working temperature between -5°C and +35°C.

    Tempero 100 T:
    Same main features of the base version with additional Timer function.

    Tempero 100 PH:
    Ideal for cold climates with external temperature up to -25°C.


Product versions

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Model Code Ø hole (mm) Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Max. Press. (mm H₂O) Max. Press. (Pa) Power (W) Noisiness dB(A)3m Weight (Kg) Flow rate "IN" (m³/h) Flow rate "OUT" (m³/h)
Model Code Ø hole (mm) Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Max. Press. (mm H₂O) Max. Press. (Pa) Power (W) Noisiness dB(A)3m Weight (Kg) Flow rate "IN" (m³/h) Flow rate "OUT" (m³/h)
TEMPERO 100 0068400 100-120 220-240 50 10,2 100 40 34 3,1 60 70
TEMPERO 100 T 0068500 100-120 220-240 50 10,2 100 40 34 3,1 60 70
TEMPERO 100 PH 0068600 100-120 220-240 50 10,2 100 280 34 3,1 60 70

Further information about the product: Aerator with heat recovery - TEMPERO100

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