TEMPERO ECO IL E BPCentralized heat recovery unit


  • Heat Recovery Unit with counter flow heat exchanger for IN-LINE installation.
  • High thermal efficiency: heat exchanger > 90%.
  • Plug Fan with EC centrifugal brushless motor, high performance, low energy consumption.
  • Equipped with synthetic fiber class G4 filters (F7 optional on fresh air).
  • Self-supporting structure made with soundproof sandwich panels.
  • Drip tray to condensate drainage.
  • Suitable for installation in horizontal-vertical-left-right position.
  • Equipped with automatic BY-PASS.
  • Adjustable speed through wireless controller (included).
  • In Compliance with ERP 2018 Directive.


TEMPERO ECO IL E BP can be easily installed in false ceiling as the less invasive choice due to reduced dimensions.

TEMPERO ECO IL E BP, allows to achieve a high degree of efficiency in terms of energy recovery, thanks to a counter flow heat exchanger: when outside temperature is -2°C and internal temperature is 21°C, the air blown into the room will be around 19°C.

When recovering the heat of the extracted air is not convenient, for example in summer, the By-Pass allows to use TEMPERO ECO IL E BP thus avoiding the extracted air to cross the heat exchanger.

The Electronically Commutated Brushless technology allows the two engines of TEMPERO ECO IL E BP to reach a high energy saving and long life, granted by ball bearing motor.

Both the fresh and the extracted air are filtered through synthetic fiber class G4 filters. (F7 optional on fresh air. This filter grants to keep the environment protected from air impurities). Two synthetic fiber class G4 filters, ensure a high degree of filtration both on the incoming fresh air and the extracted air.

Dedicated wireless controller (RG IL-V), supplied with the unit, with four modes of operation: “Away” (low speed), “Home” (medium speed), Party (speed at 100%) and “Timer” (high speed for 30, 60 or 90 minutes). The practical operating light (LED) is a fast and useful indication for the maintenance of the filters when becoming necessary . Two optional control panels, having all the above features with a LED status for each mode, allow to keep some important values under control, such as the humidity level (RG IL-V HR and RG IL-V CO2) or the CO2 level (RG IL-V CO2) and they eventually force the air extraction in case the level is arising above the pre-set threshold. The panel is equipped with a practical soft touch which allows to change modes or to set various levels of Humidity or CO2. More information on Control Panels can be found in the “remote controllers” section on page 48.


Product versions

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Model Code Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Flow rate (m³/h) Max. Press. (Pa) Power (W) Noisiness dB(A)3m Weight (Kg) Ø tubes (mm) Useful capacity (mm H₂O) Nom. curr.(A)
Model Code Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Flow rate (m³/h) Max. Press. (Pa) Power (W) Noisiness dB(A)3m Weight (Kg) Ø tubes (mm) Useful capacity (mm H₂O) Nom. curr.(A)
TEMPERO ECO IL 250 E BP 0068820 230 50 180 100 54 32,9 30 160 10,2 0,54
TEMPERO ECO IL 400 E BP 0068850 230 50 320 100 166 38,5 42 160 10,2 1,5
TEMPERO ECO IL 550 E BP 0068880 230 50 450 100 338 38,5 42 160 10,2 2,7

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