TC VISUALDisplay Remote Control


Auto Mode
Automatic operation with heat recovery through humidity and twilight sensors.
Surveillance Mode
The product remains in sleep mode keeping the sensors active. In case the humidity level detected in the environment is higher than the preset one, the product will automatically start running until reset values.
Airflow Speed
3 adjustable speed levels: 20 m³/h, 40 m³/h, 60 m³/h.
Manual Mode
Running mode with heat recovery at the manually set speed (the sensors excluded).
Humidity Control
Humidity sensor with 3 set values: minimum (40%), medium (60%) and maximum (90%).
Night Function
It allows to minimize the flow rate and the noise during the night.
Boost Function
It allows the air extraction at the maximum speed for a certain time.
Flow Function
It allows to select the direction of the air flow.
Filter Reset
After 3000 hours operations the unit requires ordinary maintenance (filter cleaning). Through the same button, after completing the maintenance, the normal operation can be restored.

Product versions

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Model Code Suitable for series
Model Code Suitable for series
TC VISUAL 0010560 Tempero Eco Ceram 2.0, Ghost 100/160

Further information about the product: Display Remote Control - TC VISUAL

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